Brain activity gone haywire?

The emotional brain activity, brought on by an inactive brain, reacting toward those that apparently are sabotaging Donald Trump.

All this hate has no place whatsoever on our current Commander in chief, who has declared himself the extreme ruler, firing anyone who doesn’t bow down or gets wise to his evil doings.

He and his followers call most news stations that state the actual facts regarding all his broken down promises and actions as fake news.

Guess the only reliable news sources are their select, modified and distorted channel, and the National Enquirer.

The hate, hate, hate, sabotaging party, receiving their Karma, now reach out to people to stop hate.

The inventors of hate now want to shift their emotional hate brain activity to their rivals.

Go figure.

Let’s see, on Obama’s first day in office, they stated they were going to do everything in their power to make his administration fail.

Does sabotage ring a bell?

Of course, being black didn’t help. His birth place was and still is in question regardless of endless proof.

Effigies of his hanging and wishing for his assassination still exist.

They complained about, yea, golf game, vacations, servants, wife wearing sleeveless dress, wife looking (obscene word), etc. He absorbed all these, after leading country to genuine progress. Give me a break.

Now McCain and many high power Republicans are stating that country was a lot better off with Obama.

This writer earlier stated he was not Republican, but acts, writes, talks and votes Republican and vows never to vote Democratic.

Brain activity gone haywire, when you can’t even describe yourself.

Oh, did he mention bankruptcies, having voted for a 6 time bankrupted businessman. Shall I go on.

By the way, a new poll shows almost half of voters want Trump impeached.

On another note, seems like N. Rodriguez and Jim Taylor are one and the same person.

They probably cover themselves with the same blanket, are obsessed watching their select channel together, their emotional brain activity feeding on Socialism, Liberalism and communism.

Apparently it turns them on and makes them feel like king Tut or Trump.

Again, only the wealthy are allowed to keep progressing while ripping off employees, country and everything that gets in their way.

If the wealthy can’t pay employees livable wages, revoke all their tax breaks, subsidies and loop holes.

Why pay, when you can control the people and fulfill the emergence of the one world government.

Makes you wonder why Jesus may be having second thoughts of returning, when the same people that prosecuted and crucified him, have reincarnated as Republicans.

Juan Gonzales Harlingen