Pulling out of Paris agreement wrong

I cannot disagree more with Mr. Alan Maupin and his assessment of the Paris Climate Agreement other than Ms. Christiana Figuere’s quote.

It’s a sophist argument that holds no merit. In any true democracy, Capitalism will never be destroyed.

However, I suspect Mr. Maupin has have never seen the city of Matamoros when there is no wind to blow the brown cloud that develops right above that city.

It is industrial smog and smoke. It stays there and if the winds blow north the citizens of Brownsville and Texas breathe it. And it’s two different countries.

I also know when Mexico is cutting their grass, we can smell it and sometimes see it.

They light up a match and burn the grass because it’s too expensive to hire labor to cut it.

All of us have breathed that smoke.

In the large cities of China the citizens wear masks because their air is so polluted.

All because their rich entrepreneurs want to sell us a DVD that cost $5 to produce and we are the thankful Americans when we buy it for $19. An American made product will probably cost $60.

I can go on and on because there are lots of examples how humans beings together are polluting this planet.

It will possibly cost the lowly citizens of the United States about $20 or maybe $200 for clean air while the rich save another $20 million each. All 7.5 billion of us are breathing the same air.

In the near future we won’t be able to open the window when the room smells because the outside air is worse.

But I will end it with this. Rich President Trump does not want to “flush the toilet” because he is being asked to pay the water bill.

All two gallons worth and he says he is protecting us while he proclaims himself as our savoir.

Pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement was not the right move.

Santiago Perez San Benito