Shelter from the rain: Lee Means Elementary is getting new canopy

HARLINGEN — The weather will soon stop bothering children so much when they’re trying to walk to class at a local elementary school.

Up until now, children and parents have endured getting soaked by the rain while entering Lee Means Elementary at 1201 E. Loop 499.

There’s already a canopy immediately at the entrance. However, many children have to walk along the first classroom wing to enter the front doors — with no protection from wind and rain.

“People have been asking us to put a canopy there,” said Oscar Tapia, assistant superintendent for district operations for the Harlingen school district.

And so it is. With extra funds now available from the Tax Ratification Election passed by voters two years ago, work will soon begin on a canopy along the classroom wing.

Megamorphosis Inc. has already designed the canopy, and bids will soon go out for contractors to build the $100,000 structure.

“It can minimize the weather exposure to the kids,” Tapia said.

Work on the canopy is expected to be completed by December.