Work hard, play hard: Boys from all over begin MMA Summer Camp adventure

HARLINGEN — More than 300 boys from across the country and around the globe journeyed to Harlingen’s Marine Military Academy to attend one of the most challenging summer camps in the world.

The campers said goodbye to parents and began their adventure yesterday.

MMA Summer Camp is a four-week, military adventure camp for school boys ages 12 to 18. All campers rise at 6 a.m. sharp and spend most of their 16-hour day engaging in highly physical outdoor activities. In 28 days, the campers participate in more than 30 different military challenges and sports — from archery to mud diving, from paintball to ziplining.

Like the school, MMA’s summer camp program is run by U.S. Marines. The tight camp structure and challenging activities are designed to improve the fitness, confidence and self-motivation of the campers. The young men also learn life skills, such as self-discipline, teamwork and leadership.

In true military fashion, all MMA campers receive a head shaving soon after they check in.

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