Heat advisory issued for Valley counties

HARLINGEN — National Weather Service forecasters have issued a heat advisory for Deep South Texas which is likely to continue for the rest of the week.

Forecasters say heat index values ranging from 105 to 110 degrees are expected during peak afternoon heating hours, and those conditions are likely to continue for the rest of the week.

The advisory by Brownsville forecasters covers Cameron Willacy, Hidalgo, Zapata, Jim Hogg, Brooks, Kenedy and Starr counties.

For those traveling for the holiday, a heat index advisory also has been issued to the north by Corpus Christi forecasters for the counties surrounding that city.

“We’re still looking at a forecast in the 106- to 110-degree range in the Lower Valley,” Joshua Schroeder, science and operations officer for the National Weather Service in Brownsville, said yesterday. “It’s nothing real out of line for this time of year, but still enough to be oppressive with all the folks outside for the next couple of days for the holiday.

“Take precautions, stay hydrated, and get some shade every now and then,” Schroeder said.

The above-average temperatures for the year are continuing in the Valley, with Harlingen’s high Sunday recorded at 98, which is four degrees above the average high temperature for the date.

In McAllen, the temperature Sunday reached 102, five degrees above the normal high for the date of 97.

Brownsville, with a high of 92 on Sunday, came in one degree under its average for the date.

Highs this week are expected to range from the mid-90s along the coast to 105 farther up the Valley. There will be a 20-percent chance of rain each day from Wednesday through Saturday.


What to look for

• High body temperature

• Hot, red, dry or damp skin

• Fast, strong pulse

• Headache

• Feeling dizzy

• Nausea

• Feeling confused

• Losing consciousness

What to do

• Call 911 immediately – heat stroke is a medical emergency

• Move person to a cooler place

• Help lower the person’s temperature with cool cloths or a cool bath

• Do Not give the person anything to drink


What to look for

• Heavy sweating

• Cold, pale and clammy skin

• Fast, weak pulse

• Nausea or vomiting

• Muscle cramps

• Feeling tired or weak

• Feeling dizzy

• Headache

• Fainting (passing out)

What to do

• Move to a cool place

• Loosen clothes

• Put cool, wet clothes on or     a cool bath

• Sip water

• Get medical help right away if throwing up, symptoms get worse or last more than an hour long.