In support of solutions

The Texas Legislature’s Special Session during July and August will deal with about 20 items that were not completely addressed during its regular session.

An item that affects all property taxpayers deals with how appraisal districts influence local property taxes. Many taxpayers believe the districts are not transparent, fair or uniform. They also believe that the districts are in cohorts with local taxing entities to increase the property appraisal values.

I support some of the solutions presented by the Texas Realtors Association.

Property owners would benefit if they knew how the appraisal process really works. However, the appraisal districts and their review boards need to have more state supervision.

This could be done if the Legislature will consider repealing the “estimated property taxes“ statement from the appraisal notice of value and allowing expedited discovery in appraisal values lawsuits.

Other possible solutions would be increasing the state’s share of public education funding requiring an automatic election if a taxing entity exceeds the rollback rate, lowering the appraisal cap on residential homestead and expanding the appraisal cap to all property owners.

Hopefully, the Legislature will approve some of these proposed solutions and improve the plight of overtaxed property owners in Texas.

Silvestre Moreno Jr. Mercedes