Lyford students learn about biology at interactive science camp

LYFORD — AJ Puga plans to be a biologist or science teacher one day.

And because Lyford CISD is a STEM-designated district, Puga was able to participate in the district’s Interactive Science Camp for students where he learned about biology and other sciences.

One of the highlights of the camp was a field trip to the UTRGV Coastal Studies Lab at South Padre Island.

During the field trip, students learned more about fish and dissected a shark.

Puga, a sophomore, said they learned sharks can regulate the level of oils they have in their liver to sink and float.

Puga also said he thought the field trip was great because of the shark dissections and the opportunity to touch other fish.

Students also were provided a guided tour of the lab and learned about the research the Coastal Studies Lab does on the Island.

The trip also included a lecture about the importance of keeping the ocean clean.

“Everyone, especially girls, should get into science because we’re all capable to do it,” said Alexandria Jackman, a Lyford eighth-grade student.

But there was much more this time around.

wThe week-long program funded through the 21st Century Grant for grades three to 11 took place at Lyford Elementary last month.

Students analyzed and made predictions with temperature probes, motion detection, air pressure and solar energy while also actively participating in making water rockets, solar cars and ovens.

Lyford CISD has had STEM designation for six years. STEM is science, technology, engineering and math.

“Because of the designation and how science plays a huge role in the STEM theme, we felt an interactive science camp was a natural fit,” said Jo Ann Marroquin, Lyford CISD After School Program district coordinator.