Weslaco Jaguars begin IWFA playoff journey against Laredo Warhawks

“Don’t stop until you hear the whistle or somebody has scored,” has been the Weslaco Jaguars’ motto this season and it has served them well.

In their inaugural season, the Jaguars went from being the newbies to the No. 3 seed in the IWFA Division II playoffs. And that’s not all. This season the Jaguars went 4-3 defeating the RGV Dolls 37-18, the Rockport Her-ricanes 40-39, the STX Phoenix and the LaredoWarhawks 41-6.

This week, their Cinderella season continues into the postseason as the Jaguars once again host the Warhawks at 7:30 Saturday evening at Victor Park in Harlingen.

“We feel blessed, humbled, excited and nervous,” said Jaguars owner/player Stephanie Garcia. “We also feel truly blessed and happy for it being our first year and only playing with five veterans and 11 rookies we took the third seed in DII. Now we just have to stay focused, hungry, humble and give it all we’ve got on every play because we plan on making it all the way.

“Even though we faced the Warhawks in the final game of the season, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. We have to step it up if we want to win. We feel only we can lose these games to ourselves if we don’t play as one.”

However, while the season might have gone in the right direction, it hasn’t been easy. The team started the season with 32 players, but due to injuries and other unforeseen circumstances the team is down to just 16 players heading into the playoffs.

“I have seen so much growth in the team this season,” said Garcia. “Their dedication, their hunger and their continued commitment of playing through the pain, through the heat and everything that has come our way. It’s like our coach, FidelGarcia, always says, ‘One player can’t win it alone; it takes everyone on that field to do their part in order to win.’

“I’ve seen some women play with broken fingers, fractured ribs and sprained ankles and knees. Yet we didn’t allow any of that to stop us from getting to where we are now.”

Should the Jaguars win they will face the winner between the Her-ricanes and the RGV Dolls in the second round.