Can’t take it anymore

Juan Gonzalez, JJ as I knew him many years ago, had problems with truth and honesty then and I can see he hasn’t changed much.

He spouts false narrative and left-sided propaganda, but doesn’t stop and look at facts, true facts.

He is doing what the left is doing in the media and Hollywood.

The investigation that is dealing with Russian interference is just that an investigation, much like the investigation in to Hillary’s server, and her charity.

JJ didn’t say anything about her being guilty during the investigation, because he is a liberal and doesn’t look at it fairly.

I notice very little positive reviews about this administration, but the unemployment rate is lower, higher paying jobs are rising. If we would just give the current regime a chance.

His latest letter is more of the same, pointing out the what if’s.

I know why JJ has hatred for corporations, he worked for one once, but the hatred for the rich baffles me, a large percentage of rich acquired it with hard work and risk, along the way they provided the jobs that middle class has.

Taxes from these jobs is what pays for the poor he supposedly cares for.

A capitalistic country has poor, middle, and rich income people in it, all thriving to do better, it’s the drive in each and every person that determines his/her accomplishments.

The JJ’s of this country believe if a person works hard and becomes rich, he or she cheated somehow and should have to pay more.

I believe that anyone who thinks others are cheaters, look in the mirror.

Don Shafer San Benito