San Benito commission delays city manager’s evaluation

SAN BENITO — Not yet.

Since last month, the city has posted two agenda items stating city commissioners would meet regarding the evaluation of City Manager Manuel De La Rosa’s job performance.

As a result, some city commissioners were apparently ready to give De La Rosa his evaluation.

Despite the agendas’ language, De La Rosa’s official job evaluation has not been conducted.

Instead, commissioners have met to discuss setting goals they expect De La Rosa to meet in order to grade him on his next evaluation, expected in November.

According to De La Rosa’s contract, commissioners are required to evaluate him in May and November.

But officials postponed May’s evaluation as a result of the May 6 election in which Mayor Ben Gomez and Commissioner Carol Lynn Sanchez won seats on the board.

Now, commissioners are expected to evaluate De La Rosa’s job performance in November, “giving the commission about four months to observe and evaluate his performance measured against the goals,” city spokeswoman Martha McClain stated in a statement.