Mother-daughter duo taking flight with RGV Vixens

In sports there have been many special moments involving families.

Eli and Peyton Manning have squared off on the football field, BJ and Justin Upton have also played with and against each other on the baseball diamond, and Ken Griffey Sr. and Griffey Jr. are another special duo.

The RGV Vixens also have a special combo as Anna Beltran has spent two seasons on the field with her daughter Stephanie Alvarez.

“I started playing flag football and I loved it,” said Beltran. “Then I saw the Vixens and wanted to give it a try, and now that my daughter plays with me it makes it extra special.”

Beltran and Alvarez are Santa Maria natives who play on the Vixens’ defensive line. During the day, Beltran works in sales and Alvarez is a case worker.

“We have so much fun out there and we push each other to be better every game,” said Beltran. “It’s fun that we both play on the line because we know when to switch or make an adjustment. The chemistry is all there.”

The Vixens are having their best season thus far and are in the IWFA Division II title game today, and both Beltran and Alvarez are taking in the moment.

“She inspired me to come out here and play,” said Alvarez. “She is the reason why I’m here and having the chance to play alongside my mom has been something special. You don’t see this every day.”