District problems shouldn’t fall on taxpayers

During 2006, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1 that dealt with the idea restricting some of a school district’s monies to pay for renovating its buildings. These monies could not be used for the district’s regular maintenance and operations.

Mercedes ISD is currently trying to conduct a tax rate election during this month (July) trying to get its voters to approve and almost 9 percent increase that would raise about an extra $130 on a $100,000 house.

This money would be used to pay its regular operational costs.

Apparently, the district officials’ actions resulted because of the following: • Fiscal mismanagement created the district’s financial problems

• Failure to communicate in plain English to its citizens and taxpayers of this dire financial situation

• Failure to provide good guidance and leadership in protecting the interests of the students and the taxpayers In the future, a change in the district’s leadership is probably needed to reproduce better results in protecting taxpayers’ money.

Silvestre Moreno Mercedes