Two sides to every story

In response to the VMS’s, “Drawing the line” article, didn’t Filemon Vela, our illustrious, distinguished, and highly educated congressman, already tell us in no uncertain terms, what President Trump could do with his border wall?

Quoting Mr.Vela, “Making American taxpayers pay $1.6 billion for a portion of the wall is asinine.”

Well Mr.Vela, what about the $10s of billions spent (wasted) on border security, year, after year, after year, after year?

What about the additional $10s if not $100s of billions spent on illegal aliens and their families every single year?

Google, Cost of illegal immigration, and read the articles.

As for the expense of a border wall, Google and read the 2/15/2017, Center for Immigration Studies article, The Cost of a Border Wall vs. the Cost of Illegal Immigrants: Paraphrasing, “If a border wall stopped even a fraction of illegals, the savings over a decade would be enough to pay for the wall.”

Our nation is already $20 trillion in debt, with an additional $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

Take the time to research and read up on what the stakes are for our kids, our grandkids, and their descendants.

The VMS article goes on to mention two individuals drowning that were attributed to a border wall in Nogales.

Unfortunately, accidents happen. Recently nine people drowned in an Arizona flash flood with no border wall in sight.

A border wall has nothing to do with over 3,500 Americans drowning every year.

The VMS article also mentions that among other animals, ocelots will be pushed “closer to extinction” by a border wall.

Google and read the Wikipedia article on ocelots, and see that there’s an abundance of ocelots, in Mexico, Central America, and South America.

The Brownsville area is the very northern range for ocelots.

Auto accidents are responsible for the deaths of over half the Brownsville area ocelots since 1995.

And the destruction of their habitat is their greatest threat here in the RGV.

Seems to me a border wall and fewer people might be a benefit to Brownsville area ocelots.

In that regard, since autos are responsible for the deaths of so many of God’s creatures all across America, shouldn’t we do away with Interstate highways and other roadways as well, Mr.Vela and Sierra Club?

As for birds in our area, can anyone imagine a wall being an obstacle for any bird, other than a roadrunner?

Please, enough with the lame excuses. Democrats and their liberal media need to be honest with the American public.

Democrats want the flow of illegals to continue so they can expand their voter base and help further their liberal, anything goes, agenda.

And businessmen that butter the bread of Democrats want the millions of additional consumers and the abundant, very good, and very cheap labor illegals provide to never end.

Then, RGV residents that elect Democrats can continue to complain about few good jobs, low wages, and high taxes.

Mr.Vela made note of a “virtual” wall that has recently been all the talk amongst Democrats So how about Democratic politicians selling their current homes, and building new ones with “virtual” doors and windows along isolated areas of the border.

And please don’t forget to include a “virtual” fence. Then they can tell us how well that worked out.

P.S. The reason I write letters to the VMS is because there are two sides to every story, but all we ever get from the liberal MSM are the Democrats’ liberal views and issues.

N. Rodriguez Aka Attila the Pun Aka the “rabid reactionary” Harlingen