Brownsville City Commission passes resolution against wall

The Brownsville City Commission passed a resolution against the construction of the border wall Tuesday night.

The Brownsville City Commission passed a resolution against the construction of the border wall Tuesday night.

Resolution 2017-044 states, “whereas the overwhelming majority of Brownsville residents adamantly oppose the border wall because the Brownsville community values all of its residents no matter their legal status, language, education, gender, race, class, sexuality, income, age or physical ability.”

Brownsville Mayor Tony Martinez said passing the resolution was the right thing to do for the community.

“I hope that somebody listens to us, (and) it doesn’t seem like they want to or care to,” Martinez said. “This is the will and the voice of the people, and, quite frankly, I can understand why people are fed up with Washington (D.C.) and with Austin because they just don’t listen.”

The resolution also states, “the billions of dollars that have been requested for the new border walls can be invested in new infrastructure, job development and security, child care, after school programs, quality education, comprehensive health care systems, and any other needs for the Brownsville community.”

Commissioner At-Large “A” Cesar De Leon, who introduced the resolution with At-Large “B” Commissioner Rose Gowen, said he has invited people from Washington D.C. to visit Brownsville, and take a look at the community and what it has to offer.

“One of the things we’ve always heard about our government in the past, especially from President (Ronald) Reagan, was that we should always look at the local people. Why? Because we’re the people that actually live here,” De Leon said. “So every time we hear about a wall or them wanting to extend a wall, I always invite people from Washington (D.C.) to actually come and visit us. I want them to come visit us, especially from cities like Chicago, where you have a lot of violence. We don’t have any violence in Brownsville. We’re a very safe community.”

De Leon feels, as a city, it can work out something with the federal government that would not hamper economic relations with Mexico.

Martinez said he and Matamoros Mayor Jesus de la Garza Diaz del Guante hopefully will have some events to emphasize the unity between the sister cities.