A waste of money

As a 1960 Bonham Elementary School alumnus, I (like the Topp, Stewart, Daniels, Cocke, Kinney and Harrison boys) spent countless hours playing football in Bonham Park, so we know it better than most.

I can assure Star readers there was absolutely no reason to build a 20-car parking lot in the middle of the smallest park in town, and certainly not just to grab $112,000 of those “free” federal dollars

that Harlingen’s conservative leaders claim to so detest.

Unlike Windsor Park, visitors do not compete with local homeowners for parking, because the Park sits on a street which is bordered by a fenced, concrete-lined drainage ditch, which affords parking for dozens of cars.

Perhaps in a rush to get their hands on that $112,000 of federal largesse, no one noticed that Bonham Park did not need a new parking lot?

But then, why act fiscally responsible, when it’s just federal tax dollars being wasted?

M. Dailey Harlingen