Erratic USPS deliveries

I am a Winter Texan of 20-plus years. This March 30, I requested you to mail my subscription to Battle Creek, Michigan, so I could keep up with the local news of my favorite area.

Little did I know what an erratic delivery schedule it would be. They arrive in no sequential order. Some seem to average 18 to 20 days (longest being 30 days) and no normalcy to any logical delivery sequence.

It is no wonder that companies like UPS, FedEx and Amazon found their way into the package and express business.

I tried to meet with your local postmaster or his assistance last March (2017) but after a 25-minute wait, I just gave up and left. This was about another issue, but just a reflection of their overall attitude.

I do realize that newspapers go low-class or no class mail, but there still should be a logical routing and time sequence.

After three plus months of this chaos, I am about to chuck my subscription. But, I will not as two other ex-Winter Texans receive them from me.

No wonder customers use the Internet and this eliminates the “care-less” USPS.

Gary Bonnell Battle Creek, Michigan Fun ‘N’ Sun