Time for medical Cannabis to be available in Texas

During the recent session of the Texas Legislature, bills were introduced regarding Cannabis use in Texas. These bills made it out of various committees after long, emotional testimony in favor of these proposed changes.

However, these bills were not voted on before the regular session ended.

Gov. Greg Abbott called a special session of the legislature that recently began in Austin. Rep. Eddie Lucio III of District 38 filed a new bill clarifying the wording of the existing Medical Marijuana law as well as expands it to cover more ailments.

Rep. Lucio III is to be commended for his service to the people of Texas for pushing these changes in the law. Most Texas voters are in favor of changes in the Cannabis laws on the books. This natural medicine needs to be available to Texans in Texas.

It is not in anyone’s interest to force families to leave the state to seek medical treatments in other states that allow medical Cannabis use.

I urge the readers of this newspaper to contact Rep. Lucio III and thank him for his stand on this important medical issue.

Let him know that you are also in favor of medical Cannabis being available by prescription in Texas.

Drew Bennie San Benito