Organizers: Conjunto Festival cancelled over $17,365 city fee

SAN BENITO — The Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center has canceled its annual Conjunto Festival.

Rogelio Nuñez, the center’s founder, said, the art’s center canceled the October festival Friday morning.

But the city was not notified of the event’s cancellation, city spokeswoman Martha McClain stated.

Earlier this week, Nuñez told city commissioners that he would cancel the three-day festival if the city did not reduce $17,365 in fees charged to hold the event.

The city informed the arts center it was reducing its fees to $7,000, said Commissioner Esteban Rodriguez.

Earlier this week, Nuñez said an ordinance states the city charges $200 for use of San Benito Plaza, where the arts center has held its festival for years.

But this year, the city added fees that had previously not been charged.

The city increased the fees to help cover costs associated with event, including assigning police officers to oversee security, Rodriguez said earlier this week.