Tejano legend Funeral expected to draw famous musicians

SANTA ROSA — Beatriz Serrata sat in her living room holding back tears.

She was mourning the loss of her husband, Jessy Serrata as she recalled memories with family and the city mayor.

They were also gathered together planning the funeral of the Tejano Music

legend everyone knew as the Iron Throat.

“His voice was unique, very different from everybody,” Beatriz said about her husband’s music style. “He was a legend in the Tejano music industry.”

Serrata passed away recently after a short battle with kidney cancer that started in April. He was 63.

Beatriz said she was at Jessy’s side when all of a sudden, he took his last breath, and passed away at home.

“This is a tragic loss for our community,” said Andres Contreras, Santa Rosa mayor. “Jessy was one of our influential citizens and a community member that was well known.”

The family has organized a GoFundMe account to raise money to help pay for Jessy’s medical and funeral expenses.

Serrata’s viewing, rosary and funeral is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday in Santa Rosa to accommodate family, friends and fans to attend from around the country.

She said Jessy began playing music at the age of 11 and became famous early on for playing with so many great conjunto musicians.

“He also had his band, Jesse Serrata and the New Wave band.

In 2004 Serrata was nominated for a Latin Grammy award for his album titled “Better than ever.”

He has been inducted into the Tejano and Conjunto music hall of fame in San Antonio and San Benito respectively.

He was scheduled to perform at the Conjunto convention in Las Vegas last July with his New Wave band, but had to cancel because his sudden diagnosis with cancer.

Conjunto music artist Gilberto Perez said with a smile and enthusiasm that Serrata was a good musician, a good singer and he had his signature saying, “awwwh baby.”

He said the two recorded with Pepe Maldonado a song called Mi Ranchito, Mi Ranchito.

“There are some groups who are pretty famous in one region or one city,” Perez said. “It varies but Jessy had his fans in certain places like everybody else.”

KEDA San Antonio 1540 AM radio La Jalapeno DJ La Reina de Conjunto Nelda Sanchez said, “Jessy has a history because he comes from a musical family.

“They have a lot of music and a lot of history.”

She said “Por que sera que la quiero” is one of the most heavily requested songs Serrata would sing.