Travis Elementary enrollment deadline extended

HARLINGEN — Miss the deadline to enroll your child at Travis Elementary?

It’s cool. With the electricity shut down at the school during construction, enrollment for new students at Travis has been extended into next week.

“We’re going to be closed for two days so I just wanted to give parents an opportunity to come in next week,” said Principal Beulah Rangel.

Registration for new students at Travis began Aug. 2 and will conclude today. Rangel said she’d planned to have the school open Thursday and Friday for those who missed the first enrollment period. Those plans had included having the electricity on and to power the new air conditioners.

However, work is still under way to finish some duct work and to perform new wiring on the school, meaning the electricity will be off Thursday and Friday. No electricity means no air conditioning. In the August heat, conducting business is next to impossible, so the school will be closed while the AC is out.

Everything will be up and running next week. Rangel said the school will be open for parents wishing to register their children for classes at Travis. Parents seeking information can also come to the school or call the office.

“I’ll work with the parents as much as possible,” Rangel said. “We’ll still take registration the first day of school and that first week of school. We take new kids all the time.”