Using fees to line their pockets

This letter is to question the many fees being charged. Apparently, taxes are bound by law, so the corrupt politicians have come up with fees to overcome that fact.

I received my auto renewal registration and there were four fees on it amounting to over $21. There was an explanation for one.

It looks as if many of our politicians didn’t go to school the day budgeting was taught.

They spend all they can on nice, but not needed projects.

The Convention Center that is already estimated to cost over $17 million is an example.

This will benefit about five percent of the residents of Harlingen, but all will pay for it.

There is no money for maintenance of streets, but they can spend on needless project because they just add fees that everyone has to pay.

Names of council men should be made public when they vote on these things.

We can then hold them accountable. Anytime an official wants to build something, he will receive a benefit.

This has to stop.

Daniel Graves Santa Rosa