More seats, parking, restrooms for baseball fans


The baseball soars over the field, landing just beyond the outfielder to the roar of adoring spectators.

Parents and other fans of high school baseball players will soon enjoy such moments from the comfort of new chairs. That new seating is being installed as the flood of spectators at two softball and baseball fields grows.

That increase has demanded the use of temporary seating, and that’s why the Harlingen school district has just awarded a contract to make much-needed improvements.

“We are putting in additional bleacher space,” said Oscar Tapia, assistant superintendent of district operations.

“We’re adding an additional restroom building with a concession stand and storage space,” he said.

“We’re adding parking spaces.”

Work is scheduled to begin in about two weeks and will be completed by January in time for baseball season.

Baseball field improvements

WHERE: Baseball/Softball Field at Harlingen High School South

3200 Dixieland Road

WHERE: Keys Baseball/Softball Field

2809 North 7th St.

Same improvements at both campuses

* More seating

* Extra restroom building with concession stand

* Additional parking space

Cost of improvements

$1.67 million in TRE funds

TRE – Tax Ratification


TRE funds are those extra dollars collected through a tax increase approved by voters two years ago.