Both leaders are crazy

The North Korean President Kim Jung Un and U.S. President Daniel J. Trump belong with each other. They are both idiots.

I don’t think these two guys understand what a detonated nuclear bomb will do to a city and its people.

They have lived in comfort for so long they no longer care for the rest of humanity.

They think that it’s like playing with marbles where the winner goes away with the biggest marble.

A detonated nuclear bomb will cause tremendous suffering on either side. Both of them should be thrown in a prison just for considering it.

That’s the way I see it. The Trumppiets and the Kim Jung Un followers should go with them.

And this thing about “America First,” do you really think that all other countries and its people will gladly be second?

Just get the best deal with all the countries we deal with and move on without making stupid statements that will rattle the other populations.

Each individual in America and North Korea should be shown the result of the nuclear experience in Japan.

Maybe then, if they still want the rattle their sabers. Let it be.

Santiago Perez San Benito