Persistent at heart: Young boy’s wish comes true at Disney World

SANTA ROSA — The Amazing Spider-Man didn’t use his web sling to grab Cain’s mom’s phone to tell who she was talking to.

“Cain’s awesome!”

Cain Garcia, 6, had been hanging around Spider-Man during his recent family trip to Disney World sponsored by the Make a Wish Foundation.

Cain, a Santa Rosas resident, had several wishes and the trip to Disney was just the thing for the boy who has been defying the odds since he was a baby.

He suffers from four complex congenital heart defects. He has already undergone two heart surgeries and a third is pending.

But that has not seemed to stop him.

Cain left the hospital as a healthy newborn. It was three months later that doctors informed his family about his abnormal heart.

“I’m kind of leery of agreeing to open his chest again to get it out of the way,” said his mother, Melissa Garcia.

She said doctors have called Cain a miracle.

Early on, the family was told they would have to quit their jobs because Cain would need special assistance and would never play sports.

Cain proved the doctors wrong.

This year, he was named a tee-ball player of the year.

“He also enjoys playing soccer, basketball and football,” Garcia said. “We don’t push him. If he doesn’t want to go, we don’t push him.

“To us, he is our all-star.”

If Cain undergoes his last surgery, doctors expect to construct his heart to become a single ventricle working heart.

“It was really special that Make a Wish was able to grant his wish on his birthday,” Garcia said. “It’s been nonstop fun.”

Cain was accompanied by his mother, father and two sisters on his trip to Orlando, Florida, for a seven-day, six-night Disney adventure.

And it didn’t stop there. Cain also scored three-day access to all four Disney parks, two days to Universal Studios and one day to SeaWorld.

Garcia said meeting the characters at Disney World was so exciting for Cain.

“He had a blast with Buzz Lightyear,” Garcia said.

She said Cain’s wishes were for a chance to meet Stephen Curry or Dak Prescott or go to Disney World.

“It’s just been special that Make a Wish Foundation was able to give him one of his wishes,” Garcia said.

Cain said over the phone while he was with Spider-Man he had been enjoying his vacation very much.

“I’m having a lot fun,” Cain said. “I’m at Universal having fun with Spider-Man.”