Attack nonsense

This is in response to a letter submitted by Jack Ayoub of Harlingen, on or about Aug. 12, where he alleges that 2,550 Tejanos and Mexican Nationals fought for the Confederacy.

Then he goes on to attack Antonio Castillo because some members of a Castillo family may have joined the Confederates at some point.

This is his argument why these monuments should remain.


To begin with, this is a lame and a false analogy. Antonio Castillo is not asking to have all people with the surname “Davis” and “Lee” removed.

He is simply asking to let the record reflect true history.

These particular individuals don’t belong in monuments; they belong in textbooks along the likes of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler.

Antonio Castillo is rightfully asking to get these specific individuals, Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee, removed which is the right thing to do.

These thugs are responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans, from both sides of the border.

We celebrate the Union.

We don’t honor losers of wars who killed millions of our good folks only (to keep other Americans – Blacks – as slaves.

Samuel Cavazos Weslaco