Low ratings for Trump

Let me try real hard to explain some of the reasons for this current administration’s low ratings. Now, of course, some of you readers won’t agree with me.

He has called his current attorney general beleaguered and very weak.This current attorney general was one of Mr. Trump’s earliest supporters.

PresidentTrump has even suggested he might fire this senior cabinet member. If you are going to humiliate one of your cabinet members, take him or her behind the woodshed and do it in private.

Yet, the moment this president feels cornered, he directs all the blame on those below him.

This man is a nightmare boss. He was elected to run this country with the advice of his cabinet members and of course Congress.

When the Congress drafted and submitted a list of sanctions to punish Putin and Russia for their alleged meddling in our latest presidential election, he balked at signing this bill of sanctions.

There is reason why the Congress of the United States wanted to punish Russia and Putin.

They believe the meddlings were real. Trump called it fake news. President Trump believes that world leaders such as Putin, who flatter his ego and tell him what he wants to hear are the good guys. Good luck with that.

Remember that last summit meeting whenTrump had a private with Putin? He called this meeting fake news.

It never happened according to Trump.The fake news was revealed to be real.What did Putin andTrump talk about?They only had a Russian translator present.

He won’t tell the American public what was discussed.

And now this latest revelation about his son meeting with assorted Russian individuals about adoptions?

That was what the youngerTrump said the meeting was about. It was revealed later that these Russian individuals have some damaging information on candidate Hillary Clinton.

And of course, president/fatherTrump helped his son write a memo about the meeting. It’s what a father would do to protect his children.

Trump is no ordinary father. He is the president of the United States and his son is no ordinary son. He is one of the president’s advisors. And now the latest, the telephone leaks betweenTrump and other world leaders.

I agree with the American public that these leaks should not be happening, but there is a reason why somebody inside the administration is leaking this information to the crooked media.

Perhaps this insider wants the American public to inform the rest of the world what is really going on inside this current administration.

But, wait, there’s more …

Pilar Espinsoa Jr. USMC Harlingen