Should history be erased?

On Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017 it was disappointing to read the news article concerning four Dallas black councilmen advocating for the removal of their city’s confederate statues. Could it be that they are defeating their own purpose?

Would they then call for deletion of all Civil War mention in school books and destroy all mention of those times in history?

Must we all be reminded that history is history and it will never be anything else?

And we should be reminded that history has a habit of repeating itself? Also history is the prime basis for us to determine what we should advocate for or against.

These four councilmen are now standing at a fork in the road to be traveled; to continue their path of silencing open discussion pertaining to the known path of describing the forced denial of equality to exist as true citizens of this emerging United States of America – or they could enlist personnel willing to change these current disgusting and uneducated actions and rhetoric.

Councilmen, think a little, now is your opportunity to enlist local, state and federal personnel who are willing to engage a new wave of open education to bring forth the true story of forced inhumanity practiced by the early American elite.

Certainly they must recognize that our population has increased immensely in the last 200 years and a large segment of that population has not been afforded any measurable instruction concerning an accurate account of early U.S. history, especially the pre civil war period.

Education of the general public should be your goal. More than 200 years of diminishing knowledge and the deletion of the real, personal slavery accounts and their hardships need to be reborn nationwide.

Be proud of those you represent – tell the world that you are not just angry black councilmen willing to forget that ugly time in America but start a strong formation of your proud identity and councilmen, shout from your council desktops, “Bring back those statues, we want to stand in front of them, to describe the reason they have been placed where they are, to reveal those rows of one room cabins hidden behind those massive, opulent antebellum mansions during those years.”

There are so many stories you could gently bring forth to educate, but not infuriate.

Jack Stevic Harlingen

Why I’m a nonconformist

To the Editor:

Because I’ve made statements like, “In my opinion, the mainstream media is America’s greatest enemy,” and similar statements, there is absolutely no way that I could ever thank the VMS and its Editor enough, for printing so many of my letters.

Letters that do not conform to the thinking, nor the political ideology of the majority of the VMS’s readers, and likely many of the Star’s staff as well.

The following is an example of the reasons for my nonconformist views and opinions.

One statement from the, “Valley’s News Leader,” influenced RGV residents enough to unnecessarily create a gas crisis, a stampede, long gas lines, and gridlock.

From an 8/29/2017, thebenchwire. com article, KRGV Channel 5 stupidly created the RGV’s gas panic last night: “This just in to the Channel 5 newsroom, a temporary gas shortage is possible in the wake of Hurricane Harvey … You’re urged to gas up when you can.”

The clip was subsequently posted on KRGV’s Facebook page; at the time of this writing, the video has over 251,000 views and over 7,000 shares …”

Read the whole article. There was never a gas shortage until RGV residents panicked because of one statement.

Now, someone explain to me how the American public that is totally dependent on the mainstream media, can keep from getting brainwashed and their rational thinking manipulated.

They, the mainstream media, have total mind control over most of the American public. It’s a sad state of affairs.

The words of former CBS News president Richard Salant are words every American should memorize: “Our job (the MSM) is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”

N. Rodriguez Harlingen

Act of kindness

To the Editor:

On Saturday, Aug. 12 my brother and his wife (who has terminal cancer) went to the sombrero restaurant to eat breakfast.

When they asked for the bill the waitress informed him that the bill had been paid by a couple that was sitting in table three.

God bless this merciful couple. I just want to say thank you, thank you.

We need more people like this couple that showed a gesture of kindness towards a couple that is battling with a dreadful disease: cancer.

Families like my brother have to endure emotional feelings, financial problems, but worst of all the unknown outcome of their love ones.

So let’s be merciful like this couple and do a gesture of kindness to someone in our community.

Let’s do a little on our part to keep America Great like it’s always been.

Manuela Torres Nunez Harlingen