Are you a veteran with a rescue pet?

HARLINGEN — Are you a vet with a pet?

The Rotary Club of Harlingen is in search of former service members who have rescue animals to be a part of a calendar.

Remi Gibbs, the Rotary Club service director, said club president Robert Grider wanted to do something that benefited veterans and animals.

That is when she came up with the idea to make a calendar.

The club’s goal is to shed light on local veterans and the importance of animal adoption.

The calendar will have a professional photo of the veteran and their animal with information about the veteran’s service and proper animal care.

Proceeds from the calendar will go to help both causes.

Gibbs said donations will be made to places such as the Veterans Drop-in Center in Harlingen and the Harlingen Humane Society.

Currently, three veterans have already committed to the project, leaving nine spaces open for a former service member and their rescue animal.

Gibbs said the club wants to keep the search local.

“If we can do Harlingen great, but if I have to open it up to the rest of the RGV, I will,” Gibbs said.

Veterans interested in being a part of the calendar can go online to the Rotary Club and fill out a form stating information about their service and their pet.

Residents are asked to submit the forms by Sept. 22 to Gibbs.

The photo shoot will happen in October with a professional photographer in a controlled setting.

“We’ll even do cats,” Gibbs said. “We want men and we want women.”

Once everyone has been chosen for the calendar, Gibbs said an online location will be provided to pre-order the calendar.

“We’ll have a little rollout reception in December where people can pick up their calendars that they pre-ordered,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs said there is a possibility for a formal event in the future.

Nothing is set just yet, but Gibbs said it would be a black tie affair where the club plans to celebrate the calendar and the veterans.


Are you a former service member interested in posing with your rescue?

Go to

and download the registration form.