Party politics not positive

I enjoyed the fascinating letter from Mr. Rodriguez. He must have done much research. However, he did a base thing. He called me a Democrat.

I am anti-political parties. Probably the only thing worse would be calling me a Republican.

George Washington, in his farewell address warned Americans of the deleterious effects of party politics.

The sole purpose of a political party is to win an election.

There is nothing about them that requires responsible governing. The result is major parties do not devote their efforts toward governing, but try to stymie, and denigrate each other.

With the advances in communication it would be possible to have a direct democracy, akin to that of ancient Athens.

This would allow a more accurate measure of peoples’ positions on the political continuum.

My feelings regarding the iconoclasts destroying statuary. My stance is that it is “dumb.”

Distinguish, if you can, the difference between ISIS destroying ancient historical treasures, and American extremists destroying historic icons that offend them.

It seems to me there is more to accomplish in this country than to decide what is good or bad in statuary, or to decide which toilet one should use.

Respectfully submitted, Ken Cantine Laguna Vista