Enter plebe, exit cadet: Newest recruits graduate from Introductory Training

HARLINGEN — To honor its newest cadets, Marine Military Academy hosted its Introductory Training Parade & Graduation yesterday on the MMA Parade Ground.

Nearly 40 young men graduated from their four-week introductory training and became official members of the MMA Corps of Cadets.

They marched onto the MMA Parade Ground as “plebes” and then marched off as cadets.

The special event was the first parade of the 2017-18 school year.

At the Introductory Training Parade & Graduation, the plebes took the official oath of an MMA cadet and pinned the Marine Corps insignia to their covers (hats).

Then they joined the MMA Corps of Cadets in the ceremonial pass in review. After the parade, these young men enjoyed their first weekend of liberty with family members or friends.

All MMA parades are held in front of the historic Iwo Jima Monument. MMA is located off Loop 499 in Harlingen, next to Valley International Airport. Find out about the the Introductory Training Parade & Graduation, call (956) 421-9225 or email atkinson@MMA-TX.org<mailto:atkinson@MMA-TX.org>.