DACA decision right on

Let me start the conversation by saying this, why are all the Dreamers and DACA recipients upset at the President of the United States?

Anyone with an eighth-grade education knows that it was Barrack Hussein Obama, who created this mess. Barrack had no right to be writing orders to Homeland Security that were unlawful to begin with.

It is the job of Congress to enact legislation, debated in the House and Senate, than send it to the President for signage.

Letting DACA expire was the correct process. It will be up the Congress to write up some form

of immigration reform, and than send it to President Trump to sign.

Furthermore, if we were to look closer into this issue, it was the parents who brought their children into America without proper authorization that are responsible for all the on going blotter.

The lack of enforcement by G. W. Bush, and 8 years of Barrack as president didn’t help much.

CNN and MSNBC , have become the biggest enablers of immigration reform, or amnesty. Here in the Valley, LUPE is the biggest enabler.

What about all the people who went and are still going through the process. “Well, I have a dream,” I dream that one of these days Countries respect America’s sovereignty laws, that looters be

sent to prison, that antifa, and black lives matter be declared terrorists groups, and any other group who adopts the same tactics.

Moreover, those undocumented individuals who criticize American law be offered a one way trip to their countries.

Or as another Hispanic Lady said in Farmersville, Texas, “well if foreigners don’t like our laws, they can leave, the same way they came in.”

Lady I concur.

Frank Garcia Harlingen