Today is deadline for some drawn hunts

HARLINGEN — Today is deadline day for applications for nine drawn hunts, including several youth hunting categories.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officials say applicants, after registering on the TPWD website, can browse hunts by category or location online.

Using a Customer ID, applicants have until 11:59 p.m. Central Daylight Time to select hunts and enter their name.

TPWD’s website,, serves as the portal for applying for hunts. Application fees range from free to $3 to $10, depending on the hunt.

After applying, hunters can use the TWPD website to check on their drawing status.

If you are drawn for a hunt, an $80 or $130 permit fee is required for most hunts, although some hunts have no permit fees.

Due to lingering effects from Hurricane Harvey at wildlife management areas and state parks along the Gulf Coast, TPWD is canceling or postponing some scheduled hunting activities.

Here they are:

Justin Hurst WMA

Closed until Sept. 16.

Guadalupe Delta WMA

Mission Lake Unit drawn alligator hunts and Annual Public Hunting (APH) early teal hunts have been canceled.

Guadalupe River Unit APH early teal hunts have been canceled until the county road into the area re-opens.

Hynes Bay Unit will be open for the APH early teal hunts.

Mad Island WMA

Closed for early teal hunts; drawn alligator hunts will be conducted as scheduled.

Sea Rim State Park

APH early teal hunt has been canceled.

Lower Neches WMA

Nelda Stark and Old River units will be open for APH early teal hunts as long as the county road providing access is open.

J.D. Murphree WMA

Big Hill and Salt Bayou units have canceled all drawn alligator hunts and APH early teal hunts.

James Daughtrey WMA

Drawn alligator hunts will be conducted as scheduled.

Angelina Neches/Dam B WMA

Drawn alligator hunts will be conducted as scheduled.

In addition to state-managed public hunting lands impacted by the storm, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials have announced that the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge is also closed to public access and the refuge drawn archery deer hunt scheduled for Sept. 30 has been canceled.

Today’s deadline for hunts

* E-Postcard Quail

* E-Postcard Youth Deer

* Gun Deer — Either Sex

* Gun Deer — Management

* National Refuge General Deer

* National Refuge Youth Deer

* USFS Anterless Deer Permit Adult

* USFS Anterless Deer Permit Youth

* Youth Only Gun Deer — Management