Retired Teachers Association to host book drive

HARLINGEN — Have extra children’s books lying around?

The Retired Teachers Association will be hosting a book drive at the end of the month to collect books for local elementary schools and the Ronald McDonald House.

The association is looking to place donation boxes around town in local businesses to make it easier for people to donate.

The association will meet later in the month to decorate donation boxes to be distributed.

Nadine Woodall has been a member of the association for the past 16 years and said the organization has donated books as long as she has been there.

“We just thought we could decorate different boxes and go around to businesses and ask them if they would mind to put them out,” Woodall said.

According to Woodall, the book drive is an opportunity for students to be able to have books to call their own.

“Really, what we’re trying to do is get the books in the hands of children that do not have a home library,” Woodall said.

In the past, members donated books with money from their own pockets and collections, but due to the growing number of elementary schools, they found a need to reach out to the community for help.

“A lot of people just read the book and then they are through with them,” Woodall said.

Books targeted for children between the ages of 4 and 12 are mostly needed, though donations of books at higher reading levels will be accepted.

The association makes contact with the principals of each campus to make the donation.

After that, it is up to the teachers to decide where the books will go.

Books will also be donated to the Ronald McDonald House where families with small children can benefit.

Woodall said the organization hopes to have the books to distribute to the schools by December.