Blame goes both ways

In his “A little humility needed” commentary in the 8/20/2017 VMS, Bill Reagan wrote, “President Trump insinuated twice that the violence in Charlottesville was in some way the fault of those who stood up to bigotry … Shame on President Trump for his inexcusable equivocation.”

I say shame on Bill Reagan for those comments.

President Trump was absolutely correct in saying there was blame on both sides for the Charlottesville violence.

If the liberal mainstream media wasn’t continually and effectively focused on dividing America with their one-sided news, Mr Reagan and all Americans might be aware of ANTIFA, the “terrorists darlings” of the liberal MSM and the Democratic party.

Mr. Reagan, “among those who stood up to bigotry” at Charlottesville were members of racists Black Lives Matter (BLM) and extremely violent ANTIFA.

Like most Americans, Bill Reagan may not know that ANTIFA activities are classified by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as “Domestic Terrorists Violence.”

See the ANTIFA website, “It’s Going Down; ANTIFA violence; etc.

ANTIFA members are anarchists and Marxists who are not just opposed to white supremacists, but are also anti-America, anti-Christian, anti-conservative, anti-capitalist, etc.

An ANTIFA chant at a “Free Speech” rally opposed by ANTIFA was, “No Trump, no wall, no USA at all”.

In essence, ANTFA members are professional thugs funded by liberal billionaires and liberal Foundations.

An ANTIFA chant at a recent protest was, “George Soros, where’s our money.”

ANTIFA dress in black with their faces covered with masks or bandannas. Like the KKK in the past, ANTIFA, along with BLM and other radical and violent groups, make up the terrorists wing of the Democratic party.

ANTIFA weapons of choice: urine and feces filled water bottles; fists; pepper spray; baseball bats; wooden clubs with embedded nails; antifa flag and banner poles that are used as spears; knives; bricks cut in quarters leaving sharp edges; chains; ballpeen and claw hammers; metal pipes; etc.

Mr. Reagan, besides white supremacists, those on the receiving end of ANTIFA violence have been Trump supporters, law enforcement officers, and their horses as well.

End of part one.

N. Rodriguez Harlingen