School lockdown raises questions

SAN BENITO — Parents dropping off their children yesterday morning may have been shocked to see police vehicles patrolling the area.

The morning for San Benito High School students started with a soft lockdown.

A message was shortly posted on the school district’s Facebook page letting parents know of “proactive measures” that were being taken at the school.

The post also mentioned district officials partnering up with local authorities to ensure the safety of the students.

According to a spokesperson for the San Benito school district, a social media-related post is what prompted an investigation.

The incident occurred early morning between 7 and 8.

After an investigation, police found there was no validity to the post.

A string of Facebook posts followed the initial post that notified parents but gave little detail regarding what had occurred, leaving parents to voice their frustrations in the comments section.

“Following an investigation with SBPD, the report to police was erroneous,” one post read.

The incident has some parents upset over the way they are notified in emergency cases, such as lockdowns.

Complaints varied, from the vagueness of the posts to not being given a phone call about the incident to inform parents before they dropped their children at school.

None of the posts indicated the nature of the incident or instruction on how parents and students should act accordingly.

The district has since deleted the Facebook posts.

The police department could not be reached for comment.