No frills

SAN BENITO — The city’s new “no frills” $12.7 million budget pumps more money into street repairs and park services.

The budget, which includes $35,997 more in expenditures than the city’s current budget, keeps the property tax rate at about 72 cents per $100 valuation, where it is projected to generate $4.5 million compared with $4.37 million this year.

The budget’s $3.8 million cash reserve could fund city operations for 110 days in case of an emergency.

“There are no frills in this 2017-2018 general fund budget,” City Manager Manuel De La Rosa stated yesterday. “It is straight forward and basic. It provides for basic services to be delivered to our taxpaying citizens and businesses.”

As they drafted the budget, city commissioners said they wanted to make street repairs a top priority.

During the next fiscal year, the budget will pump $1.8 million into street repairs, up $200,000 from this year.

For next year, officials boosted the park’s department budget from $97,131 to $151,403.

The increase helps expand services for youths and adults.

Youth services include flag football, soccer, cheer and dance while the budget expands adult services to include kickball and soccer.

“These events generate funding through admission fees and by soliciting sponsorships,” city spokeswoman Martha McClain stated.

Officials are also pumping more money to help clean up the city.

The city’s code enforcement budget jumped from $317,421 to $364,756, with an additional $20,000 earmarked to demolish old structures.

As part of the budget, commissioners approved a $161,478 package to fund 2.5 percent employee raises.

At a Glance

$12.7 million revenue

72 cents per $100 valuation tax rate

$3.8 million cash reserve

$1.8 million street fund

$151,403 parks fund

$161,478 employee raises

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