HARLINGEN — The commute from Edinburg to Harlingen is a long one.

Imagine covering that distance by foot?

Father Brian Guerrini walked 34 miles from Sacred Heart in Edinburg to the Queen of Peace Church in Harlingen last Saturday.

The run/walk event was part of a fundraiser the church is completing to collect money for the Pacific Regional Seminary in Fiji.

Guerrini began the walk at 5:30 a.m. and hoped to be in Harlingen by 4 p.m.

He arrived just a few hours before his goal.

Guerrini has been with the church since February of last year and will be leaving in October for a new assignment.

Before he leaves, he wanted to do something big.

He has participated in many races in the past, including an ultra marathon that was a 70-mile race through the Appalachian Mountains.

Guerrini was joined by Joann Consiglio who attends Saint Anthony’s Church.

Consiglio is in the Navy and often competes in races.

She was contacted by a friend who attends Queen of Peace Church saying Guerrini was looking for a handful of people to join him.

“I enjoy getting involved in the community,” Consiglio said.

There was a support vehicle stacked with supplies such as towels, water and snacks that followed the pair in case Guerrini and Consiglio were not able to make it the entire distance.

“We’ll go as far as we can,” Guerrini said.

The church has been working to collect funds for the seminary and has collected about $1,000.

Guerrini said the church does not have any goal for how much they want to collect.

“Whatever we can raise, we’ll send,” Guerrini said.

According to the website, the seminary hosts students from all over the world working to become priests.

The pastor of Queen of Peace is expected to retire later this year and two priests from the seminary will join the church.

Want to donate?

Donations can be dropped off at the church office of Queen of Peace, Monday through Saturday.

1509 New Combes Hwy, Harlingen