TSC staff members dress up to help students learn

Texas Southmost College had some visitors from the past — all the way back to Ancient Rome — on Saturday.

As part of TSC’s first Living History Day, staff members dressed in military attire appropriate to their era. There were stations for Ancient Rome, Medieval Times, Colonization of the Americas, Revolutionary War, the Texas Revolution, Mexican-American War, Civil War and World War II.

Rob Ramaker, TSC history professor, said he would dress up in historical clothing a couple of times out of the semester to make learning more fun and engaging for the students.

“My students are hands-on learners, and I noticed that when book work wasn’t working and lecture wasn’t working, to actually give them a shield and look at it, (the lecture) was a lot easier to talk about,” Ramaker said.

Bruce Kidd, a Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 2216 member, dressed up as a Confederate soldier and talked to the community about how the Confederacy played a role in Fort Brown.

“This area is so rich (in history), and people don’t take advantage of it,” Kidd said. “This is a large Hispanic, Mexican-American area, and the Tejano history — not only in the Civil War but Texas Revolution, Mexican-American War and even back farther — is so rich, and I think that needs to be preserved and perpetuated, especially in view of the political environment right now.”

TSC Board of Trustee Member Secretary Ruben Herrera attended the event and said this is helping students better understand history.

“These are the type of events that will be coming in the very near future, more often than not. So I’m very happy that the administration and the professors have taken this challenge.”