Your tax dollars at work: School board awards contracts for new school year

HARLINGEN — The Harlingen school board recently awarded contracts for materials to supply the new school year.

At this past week’s school board meeting, trustees approved the purchase of office supplies, testing materials, computer items and other necessities.

One of the items approved was the $550,000 contract for office supplies.

“Pricing was agreed upon for the 270 items to be held firm for the next year, being reviewed quarterly to make adjustments as necessary,” the agenda item read.

“The top 270 make up 90 percent of office supplies purchased annually by HCISD,” the statement continues. “From the top 270 items the lowest overall bidder was Office Depot.”

Gateway came in with the second lowest bid, and the board approved both businesses as the district’s primary vendors.

Another item approved by the board was $50,000 for armored car service, a yearly contract.

“When we pick up money from the campuses, we hire an armored car company to pick up the money,” said Shane Strubhart, spokesperson for the district.

Other items approved for purchase by the board were materials for State of Texas Academic Readiness (STAAR), computer and printer supplies such as ink, and agreements with food vendors.

Awards & Contracts

Armored Car Service: $50,000

STAAR testing materials: $50,000

Computer and Printer Supplies: $650,000

Office Supplies: $550,000

Local Groceries: $150,000

Copiers: $158,000

Library services and media: $58,000

Total expenditures: $1.6 million from the general fund