Cool breeze spreads across Valley

HARLINGEN — Morning temperatures in the Valley marked the lowest point on the thermometer since April, forecasters said yesterday.

The 6 a.m. readings yesterday morning were 59 in Brownsville, 54 in Harlingen, 59 in McAllen, 60 in Bayview and 53 in Weslaco.

“It was a beautiful morning this morning, wasn’t it?” National Weather Service meteorologist Jason Straub said yesterday.

The mild temperatures flowed into Deep South Texas along with a cold front from the north, and temperatures will begin to creep back up the charts today and the rest of the week.

Temperatures will range from the mid-80s along the coast to just over 90 higher up the Valley. Saturday temps will range from 89 to 94, forecasters say.

“We’re going to slowly work our way back up for temperatures, and starting (today), the wind turns back from the gulf so we’re going to start getting our gulf moisture back in, and the humidity will start going up and that will push temperatures back up,” Straub said.

Those temperatures, in keeping with the temperatures in the Valley this entire year, will be above normal for the middle of October.

Daily highs this time of year typically average 85 degrees in Brownsville and Harlingen, and 83 degrees in McAllen.

Beginning tomorrow, the chances of rain for the next four days will range between 20 percent and 30 percent each day through Sunday, with the likeliest areas for precipitation occurring closer to the coast and across the lower and mid-Valley.

“Our next cold front, right now, is scheduled on Sunday,” Straub added.