Hounds’ Isaiah Trevino playing for his grandfather and much more

SAN BENITO — The San Benito Greyhounds have steamrolled their way through the toughest district in the Valley through the first seven weeks of the season.

San Benito’s offense has posted some impressive numbers by averaging 39 points per game.

The Hounds also boast some of the top athletes in the Valley and one key factor has been senior wide receiver Isaiah Trevino. The three-year varsity member may not have the biggest frame, but he uses his quick feet and soft hands to get past the defense.

This season Isaiah leads the Hounds in receiving yards with 264 yards, catches with 16 and is second on the team in all-purpose yards with 539.

“We have wanted this since our freshman year,” he said. “All of us together have had this goal of growing up and wanting to be something special. When we got to the varsity level we made sure we worked hard in the offseason and over the summer. Everyone on the team understood what we had to do and the work hasn’t stopped.”

Isaiah, who grew up in San Benito, has always been around the game of football and is no stranger to Greyhound football.

He had a close relationship with his grandfather, Alfredo Trevino Sr., and when he began playing flag football, his grandfather was there to coach him. In fact, Isaiah played for his grandfather until his final year of tackle football his sixth grade year.

“Growing up, that’s all I knew was football and my grandfather was the one who put football in my life and showed me the game. He coached me growing up and I learned so much.” he said.

Isaiah learned the game from his grandfather, who was a San Benito alum. The two went to all the Greyhounds games and as Isaiah grew older, the more he wanted to play for the Hounds.

When Isaiah was in sixth grade, his grandfather passed away and he found himself without his lifelong coach for the first time.

A lifelong goal of Trevino Sr. was to see his grandson play under the Friday night lights and Isaiah knows he is with him every game.

Isaiah has always been motivated to play the sport he loves and now carries his grandfather’s love for the game with him every time he steps onto the field.

“It means so much to me to be able to play for the Hounds,” Isaiah said. “My grandpa was a Greyhound and it was always his dream to see me play for San Benito. I know he would be proud of me today. The motivation has always been there. When it came to football we were always close. I know when I played there was a smile on his face and that made me feel good. Knowing that he isn’t here anymore, I play the game that I love and I know he would be proud.”