Letter: ‘Destination Park’ in Wrong Location

To the Editor:

It is in disbelief that I read the article regarding converting or creating a “destination” park in that part of town.

A project of this magnitude would require the infrastructure to route traffic through the low income housing area or purchase for demolition to improve the roads.

Does the city plan to buy some of these properties in order to build roads that are aesthetically pleasing to potential “out of city/county/state” visitors and make it easily accessible via Expressway (Hwy 69E/77) for park attendees?

Though the park is a great idea, it will be close to the smelly cottonseed oil refineries and a few blocks to noisy railroad tracks.

A park of this magnitude would be better placed close to either Expressway that has many vacant acres available for such an attraction.

Just because you build it does not mean they will come.

The first time visitor will be disillusioned by the surrounding area that is not the best area that Harlingen has to offer.

Thusly, it would soon become an albatross around the city’s neck and the taxpayers who can sorely afford to support.

Dora Sanchez