Letter: Senior Dogs Deserve Love, Too

To the Editor:

What a heartwarming article you printed Sunday about adopting senior dogs. These animals deserve to have peace in their older years as much as we do.

It’s just sad that the local pound makes this difficult to do.

More than a year ago we called the local (Harlingen) shelter to see about adopting a senior dog and were told they had none at the time.

I asked if they would take my name & number to call me when one came in. The answer was no, they couldn’t be bothered to do that.

I would have to call them or drive there, (about 20 miles each way for us), every day if I wanted to adopt.

We never got a dog and I have to wonder how many have been euthanized since because they couldn’t be bothered to write down a name and number.

Kevin LaPaugh

Los Fresnos