Letter: What a Waste in San Benito

To the Editor:

Here we go again. It’s bad enough that San Benito has the highest water rate in the Valley and now they want to add $2 more on our water bill.

We are already paying $2 extra a month on our garbage fee. That was to fix the streets.

Then, we pay $1.50 for stormwater, which no other city has except San Benito. Where is that money? Where did it go?

Then, the city borrowed $3.5 million to fix the streets. Again, where did that money go?

At that time, there were about 6,000 meters with the $2 extra fee we are paying totaling $144,000 per year or $720,000 in 5 years. Where did that money go?

On the $1.50 for the so called stormwater, that totaled $108,000 a year. Again, where did that money go?

Back in 2012, the city wanted to raise the property tax to raise fix the streets (we were called

the pot hole city). On top of all that, a city manager was hired with two assistants and a secretary.

Then, was given a $10,000 raise, then paid more.

Then we paid more than $42,000 for a marquee and placed it by the resaca. That stands there and does not work. What a waste.

Only in San Benito.

Rosie Olivarez

San Benito