All In Internships provide job experience in high-demand occupations

BROWNSVILLE — College juniors and seniors are recommended to complete an internship before they graduate to see if they want to continue with their chosen career path.

The All In Internship Program at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley collaborates with Brownsville employers to offer 45 paid internships to college juniors and seniors. Students will gain professional skills and job interviewing skills while getting a paid work experience.

The All In Internship Program is funded by the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation and United Way of Southern Cameron County.

Interns are required to work 20 hours a week for 15 weeks or 300 hours for a semester at a minimum payment of $10 an hour.

Some companies that currently have All In interns are the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce, the City of Brownsville Housing Authority, Valley Regional Medical Center and the Borders Apartments among others.

The All In Internship Program currently has 20 employers and 31 interns in the Brownsville area.

All In Internship Coordinator Andrea Torres said she even has students doing internships that are not in their major.

“I want them to explore different fields because what if in reality you’re an accounting major and you’re forté is management,” Torres said.

Speaking from experience, when Torres did her internships knowing that she was getting paid for it gave her more initiative to strive in what she wants to do as a career.

“I know from a student standpoint because I do have students down here in the Brownsville area that sometimes struggle and they find this internship paid (and) if it’s paid it will help (them) out with (their) bills, with whatever needs (they) have, which makes it way better that they’re getting experience and that they get to pay their own things.”

For more information on the All In Internship Program visit or call the Career Center at the UTRGV Brownsville Campus at (956) 882-5627.