Letter: Middle Class to Get Stuck

To the Editor:

And the Greed goes on, the Greed goes on and on. Trump wants to slash the wealthy’s tax base to half of what it is now.

He wants to hand out a candy bar to the middle class, hopefully to keep them happy and quite.

From the 1970s tax base of 90% to 15%, which he is stomping for, to create more jobs, at welfare wages, hog all profits, which end up, yes you know where.

Soon, just like he has for the last 18 years, reach the wealthy’s goal of not paying rickety squad (sic).

Hey middle class, guess who’ll get stuck paying off our National debt if the wealthy and poor don’t pay. I hope we enjoy licking and passing that candy bar, hoping it lasts a long time.

These Russiapublicans have settled down, preferring treason, communism, and socialism to our way of life, then shifting and making their followers

to believe that it’s the opposition that is at fault.

All our poor states and most welfare recipients have been programmed to slit their own throats, voting for a party that only wishes them death if they get sick, to keep lowering their standard of living and keep them in total control.

Darn Socialism, actually created by the wealthy not paying livable wages, even after enjoying huge tax breaks, but have Jim Taylor and N. Rodriguez, who I still believe are one and the same person, to keep breeding ignorance.

Awe, back to fake news, that has now affected most mature enough to have enjoyed seeing and hearing current events until our POTUS programmed his followers that his incompetency, which was captured live and viewed by all, was the result of fake news.

The conman fully captured his followers and to this day, has them yelling out fake news. Go figure.

I didn’t want to bring this up, but our POTUS, calling those NFL players, SOBs, for protesting the injustices still occurring all over, was a little overboard.

This coming from a person that sought all resources

available to keep his sorry behind from fulfilling his duty, when our country was in great need of his service.

I wonder if he will call that draft dodger an SOB right now.

I wonder what names he’s calling all those White Supremacist, KKKs and Neo-Nazis waving their Nazi flags, parading and preaching their racial, bigoted and total disregard for human lives. If a wall needs to be built, it should be around these groups.

Despite Jim Taylor’s puffed up writing, Trump has reached his lowest rating at 32%.

Steve Bannon, his huge followers who were instrumental in electing him President, and most people, are realizing the biggest mistake of their lives.

A big shout out to Target for moving toward a $15 minimum wage in the very near future.

Have a great day.

Juan Gonzales