Letter: We Need to Win This Battle

To the Editor:

“Esta loco ese Trompas” is a phrase we are getting all too familiar with. But is the orangehaired, tantrum tweeting leader of the free world really “crazy”?

I’ve heard experts on CNN say that he is and other experts on Fox News say quite the opposite. How can a crazy person build a multi-billion dollar empire and become the most powerful person on earth?

If you know your history and remember a crazy guy named Adolf, you will agree that crazy people have in fact achieved greatness through their evil deeds before.

And if you think that we are all too smart and that humanity learns from the past, well history has slipped you by.

Your fears will be used against you so that wrong will seem right and unjustifiable acts will reappear as necessary justice. The battle between good and evil exists within all men.

We must win that battle.

Ramiro Ochoa

Santa Rosa