Letter: Trending Against Trump

To the Editor:

This post serves to illuminate a trend of vilifying our president by the media, whom are guilty of fomenting racial tension with nonstop phony narratives, painting Trump as a Latino- and Blackoppressing white supremacist.

He isn’t. It’s “fake news.”

The same media who perpetrated the Trayvon Martin racism hoax with cut-and-paste audio software t get the perfect race baiting sound bite (lie) years ago are now fanning the flames of hate with this fake racism news, saturating the airwaves with vilifying coverage of Trump’s efforts to secure our borders.

Team Obama did anything and everything to undo/sidestep longstanding border protection policies in order to wine-and-dine the Latino vote.

People just got used to noneforcement of those laws, so much that they are shocked that somebody’s enforcing them again – laws in place long before Obama or Trump.

They media are fuming mad. They’re horrified and mortified that they (Democrats) lost and they devote every waking moment stoking unrest and public outrage in an effort to get Trump impeached or get him physically harmed.

It isn’t fair Hillary was supposed to win and continue Obama’s wicked, communist goals for America (Fundamentally transform America). The media lied and said she’d already won.

But, the lesser of two evils won and has surprised many by his courage, patriotism, resourcefulness and vision.

The media attacks humbled the Donald in a way he’d never been – refiner’s fire, so to speak. Iron sharpens iron. And God uses what it is intended for evil, for good.

There was one quote the media mangled and distorted – the Mexicans are rapists, fake narrative.

Actual context – by consulting with border patrol personnel during his campaign, Trump heard that, “Mexico does not send their best … they’re sending people that have lots of problems … bringing drugs … crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume are good people.”

When one considers the nationcorrupting carnage of illegal crossers like serial killers Raphael Resendez and Juan Corona, or the 121 murders Obama-released border detainees committed post-release, or the carnage inflicted by MS13 gang members, you started to form a perspective.

Trump is hated … because he’s “orange.” Funny hair. Crude speech. Compulsive tweeting. On the flip side, he’s surrounded himself with devoted Constitutionalists and responsible, patriotic statesmen, like former Generals who know how to get the job done.

SomehowTrump got more Latino votes than the previous non controversial Republican candidate.

So, the anti-Trump coverage continues to spew like busted fire hydrants. The media lost, and they want chaos in the streets.

Don’t be a pawn in their game.

Jamey Honaker