Proposition on ballot to extend terms of elected officials

SANTA ROSA — A proposition that has been talked about between elected officials over the years has now come to the voters for approval.

The proposition seeks to extend the term limits of the mayor and aldermen from two years to three.

Election day is Tuesday.

“The reason for it is the city has to go through an expense every two years and the candidates have an expense,” Santa Rosa Mayor Andres Contreras said.

“This has been a slow election process because there is no major candidate running for office,” Contreras said.

“Normally, this community goes out and votes.”

He said if the proposition passes, it will allow leaders more time to work with each other and to get more done for the city.

“You work for one year and you’re running for re-election the next,” Contreras said. “Any project or plan you have in mind becomes a one-year thing and you’re out the next.”

Contreras was elected mayor in May for a two-year term.

“I think the community is receptive, and I think the proposition is going to pass,” Contreras said.