Church group serves early Thanksgiving meal

HARLINGEN — Janie Garza was enjoying an afternoon of fellowship with fellow Christians yesterday — along with an early Thanksgiving meal.

“It’s an excellent thing they are doing. They are always thinking of different ways to get people together,” Garza, 65, said of the Family Cathedral — One Place Church outreach event.

One Place Church is a ministry that has been in existence for more than 30 years.

They have been at their current location at the One Place Church community center for almost a year now.

Besides their food bank, they provide community outreach, which includes setting up “prayer tents” at different locations across Harlingen on the first Saturday of every month.

Yesterday, the church was providing a free Thanksgiving meal to anyone who dropped by in the parking lot of the community center at 915 Morgan Blvd.

“This is community fellowship and a Thanksgiving feast prepared by the church. We’re feeding anyone who wants to come join us,” Pastor Nancy Cervantes said.

“Last year, we did the feast for the police department. This year, we decided to open it up to the whole community.”

Cervantes said the church expected about 300 guests to enjoy a feast of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn and a dinner roll. For dessert, there were cupcakes.

“We don’t ask for anything, other than if people want us to pray for them,” the pastor said.

Garza is not a member of the church, but she has a niece who is. Garza has been a guest at several of the church’s outreach events.

“They offer prayers to anybody, at any time,” said Garza, a cook with the Harlingen school district Child Nutrition Department.

“If we need prayers, we can call them any time. It doesn’t necessarily have to be when we get together.”

Garza was enjoying the meal with her mother, Faustina Veraza.

Garza was asked, as a cook, what do you think of this Thanksgiving feast?

“It’s fantastic.”